JVA Technical Support

With regards to security, product reliability and fast and efficient back-up service is paramount. So, an installation is only as good as the security company’s ability to provide sound products and service. Apart from its certification, JVA also offer a 2-3 year warranty on products.

Ndlovu Fencing aims at prompt, turn around on repairs to JVA products at their in-house repair and service facilities at Ndlovu Fencing T/A Stafix Electric Fence and their Security Centre outlets nationwide.In addition, a country-wide JVA dealer network is ever present to provide fast and efficient in-field installation and back-up service.

Further, should an accredited dealer not provide satisfactory back-up service at an installation where he has installed and commissioned JVA products, the company undertakes to meet all obligations relating to those products that have been installed. While fence maintenance, fault finding, and fence repairs are excluded from this undertaking, the company does offer consultancy services and advice on how best to solve fencing challenges.