Basic & Advanced CCTV Training (2 Day Course)

Basic & Advanced CCTV Training:

First day - Basic course
Second day - Advanced Course

Training Info

This is a 2-day course. The first day covers the basics of CCTV, Analog CCTV theory, Dahua Product Knowledge, Basic IP CCTV theory, IP CCTV Product Knowledge and Basic Wireless applications. The second day covers Analog CCTV practical’s, IP CCTV Practical’s, Smartphone Remote Viewing setups, PC Remote Viewing Setups as well as basics in networking for IP CCTV Systems The course includes a comprehensive manual, refreshments and lunch as well as certificates to certify attendance of the course.

Completion of the course will aid the delegate to further understand CCTV and the multitude of applications available on the market. Practical videos and information is also shared which will assist in understanding how to design and install a basic to middle range CCTV System for residential or industrial use.